Mother Earth Artists was founded in 1991 as a platform for cultural production and artistic creativity. We are organized in the form of association and within its framework we collaborate with all kind of artists. Through the years we have organized various cultural events, created programs, produced musicals, concerts, recordings and films. We have also initiated artistic educations, provided courses, workshops and lectures.

We run the recording studio Mother Earth Studio in central Stockholm, where we can offer recording, mixing and mastering services. A few steps from there you can enjoy Mother Earth Pilates' exercise studio with Pilates training in groups or get personal training in the machine studio.

Enjoy all the examples of what we have to offer here on the website and read more about our activities on the respective pages for
Mother Earth Artists, Mother Earth Records, Mother Earth Pilates, The Musical Theater, Armand Gutheim and Charlotte Assarsson.
Please, contact us for a cooperation, an order, a mission or simply for more information. MOST WELCOME! 

Mother Earth Artists
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